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Celebrate Freedom - Indianapolis, IN

Celebrate Freedom in the Lawrence area is looking for a live-in Certified Recovery Specialist with a background in addiction recovery.  Please note this is a volunteer position, however, you will have your rent and utilities paid completely while residing here.  The CRS will give us approximately 7 hours service per week, according to your own schedule.

Celebrate Freedom is a Christian-based addiction-recovery home for men only (though a female house is in the planning stages).  Although we are Christian-based, we are also evidence-based. We believe in the medical model of addiction, and we incorporate counseling, weekly relapse-prevention classes, as well as a requirement for attending Twelve Step groups. Although we don't require that our employees or volunteers go to church, you must at least be accepting of the faith-based approach we take.

The CRS will do rounds once a day helping residents set goals for themselves and then checking a calendar that they maintain to make sure that they are following through on those goals.  The CRS finds out each man's individual needs and helps him to locate resources to meet those needs.  The CRS is also our primary contact with the counseling clinic that provides us services. He / she will keep track of who needs to get in to see the counselor and makes sure they have transportation and that they follow through on this appointment.

Interested persons may email Rich Brown, program director, at